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QandA with Shirley Johnson

WiN IAEA held a luncheon on Friday 8 April in the VIC Restaurant featuring a presentation and Q&A session on ―Being a Women in Nuclear‖ by Shirley Johnson, who—after 25 years in Safeguards at the Agency—is now running her own consulting company in her home state, Montana.
With over 40 years in nuclear behind her—and still very involved—Shirley had a tale to tell. She described some of her experiences as she made her way in her career in a predominantly man’s world. She encountered and dealt with a range or reactions to her being a woman working in this world—from encouragement and support to blind prejudice and deliberate obstruction—the whole gamut!
The luncheon was well-attended—booked out—and Shirley’s highly pertinent, insightful and entertaining talk was much appreciated.