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Luncheon with DDG-MT

Ms Janice Dunn Lee, newly appointed IAEA DDG-MT, was the keynote speaker for a luncheon on 25 January 2012. The occasion luncheon was attended by almost 40 participants, many of them non-WiN members reflecting the interest in the event. Eva Gyane, the current WiN IAEA President, introduced the audience to Win Global and briefed on the highlights of WiN IAEA’s activities. Ms Dunn Lee then took the podium and started her speech by talking about her upbringing as the oldest of five in a Chinese-American family and the values given to her by her parents. She noted the most important ones being getting an education and hard work. Furthermore, she described the role her mother had played in her life. She then spoke about her career at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C., which took her to the Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris, where she was Deputy Director General prior to joining the IAEA in early 2012. In conclusion, Janice spoke about her vision and aspirations for her work at the IAEA, namely, to create an environment that is excellent for staff and exemplary for the outside world. Offering personal advice to the audience, Janice stressed the need for the best education one can get, a good support system and the need to excel in everything one does. Janice’s speech was followed by a Q&A session, during which Janice answered questions related to the Agency’s rotation policy, staff recruitment and her own new-term priorities. The audience felt very inspired by Janice’s speech and WiN IAEA is looking forward to further collaboration with Janice in the future.