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WiN Booth at IAEA General Conference

During the 2012 IAEA General Conference, the WiN booth — attended by WiN IAEA volunteers morning and lunchtime — in the corridor between the A-tower and the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre attracted much attention of various kinds. Many old and new acquaintances stopped to chat and became interested in WiN — en passant, so to say — surprised and impressed at our work, which they hadn’t known about before. We distributed flyers from both WiN IAEA and WiN Europe, who also donated nuclear knowledge Q&A card games in French, which were very popular and created a huge demand for an English version. Translation is in progress. Thanks to the strategic location and the kind help of our volunteers, the presence of our WiN booth at the GC has boosted WiN’s image and membership and made WiN more visible to the Agency and its Member States.