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WiN Global Conference 2013

The WiN Global General Conference 2013 was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Johannesburg from 7 – 9 October 2013 under the theme “Nuclear Technology:Supporting Sustainable Socio-economic Development”. It was the first time that a WiN Global annual conference was held on the African continent.

On 6 October the WiN Global Executive and Board Member meetings were conducted, chaired by WiN Global President Se-Moon Park, as well as the WiN Europe Annual Assembly, chaired by WiN Europe President Dominique Mouillot . The activities of the past year were reviewed, changes to the charter adopted, and activities for 2014 identified. They were then presented to and approved by the General Assembly. E. Gyane (WiN IAEA president) participated in the meetings and conference from 6-7 October only, and her trip was funded by the Department of Safeguards, since it was combined with safeguards inspections (8-18 October). G. Voigt (WiN-IAEA and WiN Europe Vice-President) participated in the entire conference. Her trip was partially funded by MTHR and the Department of Safeguards.

The highlights of the conference were:

·         The ceremony of the “20 Years of WiN” history book, celebrating the 20th

·         anniversary of WiN Global (editors: S.M. Park, I. Aegerter, A.M. Birac, G.

·         Flannery, and G. Voigt).

·         The presentation of the country / chapter reports (E. Gyane for WiN IAEA)

·         The presentation of the WiN Awards (WiN Award 2013 to HE Minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, WiN Honorary Award to Susan Brissette, WiN Canada)

·         The delivery of the WiN Flag from WiN South Africa to WiN Australia, which will host the 2014 General Conference.

·         Two interactive workshops (” Nuclear Public Acceptance: Best Practices and Challenges” and “Nuclear Policy post Fukushima Accident”)

·         Posters and a technical session covering all fields of nuclear applications.


The IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation supported the participation of 12 female participants (10 eventually participated in the conference).


In addition to actively participating in all events, G. Voigt gave a welcome address on behalf of WiN IAEA and chaired the workshop on post Fukushima nuclear policy developments.

The after-conference tours included a visit to the Necsa site (Safari reactor and radiopharmaceutical production) in Pelindaba and a visit to Koeberg, the only NPP in Africa, as well as the iThema LABS close to Cape Town, Eva Gyane unfortunately had to work for Safeguards.