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November 4, 2014 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Series Lecture 5: Proliferation Concerns TBD 
October 10, 2014 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Series Lecture 4: Radioactive Waste C2 
September 23, 2014 Women in All Things Nuclear - Interactive Open Forum Mozart Room, VIC Restaurant 
September 10, 2014 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Series Lecture 3: Nuclear Reactors, Back End of the NFC M0E03 
September 3, 2014 NFC Series Lecture 2: Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle B1115 
August 28, 2014 New Sourcing Strategy for Qualified Women M7 
July 3, 2014 Women in the Workplace: dealing with mobbing and other forms of harassment MOE19 
June 19, 2014 NFC Series Lecture 1: Basics MOE12 
June 18, 2014  C02 Bar, 17:00 
May 28, 2014 Unleashing the Power of Goal Setting A2543 
May 12, 2014 International Conference on Human Resource Development for Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes: Building and Sustaining Capacity IAEA HQ, Vienna, Austria 
May 11, 2014 European Nuclear Conference Marseille, France 
May 8, 2014  Talk on Cultural heritage diagnostics and characterization investigations by application of nuclear and analytical techniques with Dinara Abbasova MOE26 
May 5, 2014 The ABCs of Nuclear Testing: How and why countries test and what are the future prospects with Robert Kelley C5 (7th floor of the C building) 
April 2, 2014 Lunch talk: Stress at the work place MOE23 
March 12, 2014 "How to Improve your Job Application" with Frank Hussmann C1, 2nd floor of C building 
March 3, 2014 WiN Happy Hour C02 bar 
February 27, 2014 Newcomer's Breakfast Cafeteria (coffee corner) 
January 24, 2014 Lunchtime presentation on Turkey's NE Program  MOE26 
Showing 19 items