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"How to Improve your Job Application" with Frank Hussmann

WiN IAEA organized a professional development lecture with MTHR Frank Hussmann on March 12th from 16:00-19:00. During the event members and non-members discussed in great length how to improve one's job application and prepare best for an interview. This event was of particular interest to our younger members and interns.
Mr Hussmann tried to explain the application process from the employer's point of view and thus make applicants aware of where they need to be careful in their applications in the professional world. He stressed out that potential employees should realise that the application process has been designed to facilitate getting to know a pool of applicants best and that employees appreciate it when an application is exhaustive but concise, and when all relevant qualifications for a particular position have been clearly indicated by the candidate. 

Furthermore, fellow WiNners invited their sons, daughters and other friends/family members who were also interested in hearing what MTHR’s Frank Hussmann had to advise on improving one’s job applications. Previous participants of the course have found that his course was relevant and applicable to other types of applications (university, college, graduate applications etc).

Meeting room: C1 is on the 2nd floor of the C building