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Recruitment of Qualified Women

MTHR has approached WiN IAEA recently on the subject of a new sourcing strategy that is targeted at increasing the applicant rate of women at the Agency. For this reason, we are organising an hour-long lunchtime session in M7 on August 28th where Mr G. Araujo (Recruitment Specialist) and Ms J. Kim (HR Associate) will deliver a powerpoint presentation and answer questions at the end of the meeting.



Please do not hesitate to forward this invitation to qualified women and men who might be interested in the objectives of this event.



New Sourcing Strategy for Qualified Women - Event Information

Recruitment has changed dramatically with the advent of technology, but building relationships is still essential to attract qualified and diverse candidates. The Agency relies on a highly educated professional workforce often with skills and experience that are not easily found in the job market.  For this reason we have developed a sophisticated and pro-active Candidate Recruitment / Sourcing Strategy.   


The format of the event will be the following:

5 minutes: Introduction by JaJulie FORD, MTHR Unit Head 

45 minutes: presentation by Mr Gustavo ARAUJO, MTHR Recruitment Specialist

10-15 minutes: Q&A


The objectives of the new Candidate Recruitment / Sourcing Strategy are:

1.       To attract a greater number of stronger candidates for highly technical and key managerial positions

2.       To diversify Member States representation in the number of applications and potential hires

3.       To increase the number of female staff in all levels and areas at the Agency


In order to achieve these objectives, Recruitment will engage in many activities, including the following:

1.       Utilize a geographical approach to enhance our recruitment exercises

2.       Build relationships with organizations in the nuclear, nuclearized and nuclear-friendly fields

3.       Increase online visibility of our opportunities in targeted channels and create virtual groups to attract targeted audiences (i.e.: Latin Americans at IAEA, Asians at IAEA, Women at IAEA, IAEA alumni…)

4.       Leverage internal staff as recruitment ambassadors to organizations and as champions for candidates in critical positions

5.       Socialize through a new strategy with Members States and enhance channels of communication and their involvement

6.       Leverage upcoming Taleo Implementation to develop and create a roster of P-candidates and a Referral System