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Talk on Cultural heritage diagnostics and characterization investigations

Please join WIN IAEA for a very interesting presentation given by
Dr. Dinara Abbasova
Visiting Professor,
PhD, Laboratory of Isotope Dating and Palaeoclimatology
Researches of the Institute of Geology Sciences in Poland Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

1.      Environment protection:

a. Water, Soil and Oil analysis experience

b. Radiation degradation factor of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in oil polluted soils (by Gamma and UV irradiation)

c. Application of “Diagnostic ratio of PAHs” for identification of source of origin


2.      Cultural heritage diagnostics and characterization investigations by application of nuclear and analytic techniques:

a. XRF analysis of cultural heritage artifacts (ancient jewelry, Archaeology items, fresco and etc.)

b. Application of biomarker analysis in investigation of cultural heritage artifacts for source identification

c. Radiocarbon dating

d. Diamond irradiation

e. Stable Isotope and phytolith analysis for cultural heritage. 

f. Analytical techniques application for cultural heritage diagnostics  

WiNners are welcome to forward the invitation to other non-members. Guests will be charged 2EUR on the door.