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Computer Security In a Nuclear World

Computer Security In a Nuclear World

12 February 2015

WiN IAEA Chapter Seminar - D. Dudenhöffer on Cyber-Security


Donald Dudenhöffer, an IT Security Officer of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, Division of Nuclear Security at the IAEA, started the series of WiN IAEA seminars in 2015 on 12 February with his talk on cyber security.

During his presentation, Mr Dudenhöffer shared some examples from recent years on security breaches of IT systems in major corporations around the world and demonstrated how severe the consequences of such attacks could be. He gave an overview of IT security systems and several types of security breaches. Also, Mr Dudenhoeffer stressed out that the human factor was the weakest link in most IT security systems and gave examples of recent phishing attempts. The talk concluded with an open invitation for all WiN members to attend the IAEA Cybersecurity Conference this June.