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Communicating Nuclear to Sceptics (28 January 2016)


Join WiN discussion on 28 January 2016  

As our first event in the New Year, WiN IAEA is holding a lunchtime discussion session on communicating nuclear to sceptics.

Where: M05

When: 12:00–14:00 on Thursday 28 January 2016

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How do we reach those who don’t really understand what nuclear energy is and have doubts about whether it is safe, clean or necessary? And what about those who don’t want to know — who firmly believe that nuclear power is too dangerous to be considered as an energy source and are convinced that nuclear accidents, misuse of nuclear material by terrorists or contamination by nuclear waste will destroy our lives and our planet? 

Our goal is twofold: firstly, to explore ways to get sceptics to listen and to understand what nuclear is really about and, secondly, to address the doubts and fears of any nuclear sceptics who happen to be in the audience.

The discussion will be led by:

Yanko Yanev — head of NE/NKM in 2002–2012 and now CEO of the International Institute for Nuclear Knowledge Management,

Peter Rickwood — journalist and former Agency press officer, and founder of Atomic Reporters, a non-profit, non-partisan NGO aiming to bring more knowledge to coverage of nuclear news, and

Eileen Langegger — engineer managing Austrian radioactive waste storage at the Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf and chair of the European Nuclear Society: Young Generation Network.

The presenters’ diverse experience and involvement in communicating about nuclear makes them ideal for this task. They will present their viewpoints and then invite your comments. Most of the session will be devoted to discussion.

WiN welcomes you to participate in tackling this hot topic of communicating to sceptics. Please invite interested colleagues and nuclear sceptics to register and come along!