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Skill Building Workshops: September, October with PARI NAMAZIE

Women in Nuclear (WiN) IAEA is inviting
an expert on professional skills development and intercultural relations
to share her expertise with us

Pari Namazie

Dr. Pari Namazie has over 20 years’ experience in human resource management, talent development, training and advancement. She is a trainer/facilitator for staff and management to help improve team work and communication, and to build trust and self-leadership skills. She also works with groups going through change and helps them understand the impact this has on the individual, team and organization.

This year, Pari is holding three two-hour workshops at the Vienna International Centre (VIC). You can still register for the September and October workshops. Workshops will provide participants with a hands-on approach to learning, using examples and exercises to test and re-learn concepts useful in the work environment. The objective is to provide a useful approach to enhancing skills and competencies, to learn and also to have fun. With interactive exercises, group discussion, individual assessments, theory and case studies, the training is not only useful but also very enjoyable.


Monday workshops (8-15 participants) led by Pari Namazie at the VIC, 16:30–18:30

20 June, M0E03: Surviving in an uncertain environment

5 September, M0E75: Conflict resolution style and assessment

24 October, M0E03: Developing intercultural sensitivity in a multicultural environment

Fee: for WiN members, €20 per workshop

for non-members, €30 per workshop

Please register here latest one week before the workshop/s you’d like to attend.




Each of the short two-hour workshops is designed to be hands on, interactive and skill building. They contain short bursts of knowledge, raise awareness and deliver personal takeaways.

Conflict resolution style and assessment (5 September, M0E75)

Conflict is part of a healthy relationship. Learning how to deal effectively with conflict — rather than to avoid confronting it — is a necessary skill. Conflict arises from differences, sometimes small, sometimes large. When conflict is not managed, it causes harm to a relationship and work environment, negatively impacting teamwork and sometimes destroying trust and goodwill. However, when we address conflict in a positive way, this creates an opportunity for respect, accountability, trust and teamwork to flourish.

This workshop examines constructive and destructive conflict, our personal triggers in a conflict situation, the different conflict resolution styles and our individual styles. We end by looking at strategies of how to manage and acknowledge conflict in a positive way.  

Developing intercultural sensitivity in a multicultural environment (24 October, M0E03)

We each come with different values, beliefs and perceptions, which are displayed in the way we communicate and work. If we imagine everyone to be like ‘us’, we will close our minds to the potential and opportunity in diversity. Developing cultural sensitivity allows us to create awareness, firstly about ourselves, our values, beliefs and perceptions, and then to explore beyond, the values, beliefs and communication styles of others.

This workshop takes us on a short journey, beginning with an awareness of self and our preconceptions, and then moves to the values of others. It provides tools for us to reflect, question and be open to diversity. It is filled with games, reflection and exercises.

Since the fees are reduced for WiN members, now would be an excellent time to join WiN (see: Membership)!
Moreover, we offer 10% reduction for early registration (i.e. at least two weeks in advance of the respective workshop). Please transfer the fee when you register. The money is not reimbursable (but you can send someone to replace you to avoid loss).

Bank payment details: 
Bank Austria / Bank Code: 12000
Account name: Eva Gyane / Monica Sbaffoni 
IBAN: AT83 1200 0513 8012 0933 BIC: BKAUATWW