Francoise Muelhauser

Francoise Muelhauser, Safeguards Inspector at the Safeguards Department, is a Vice-President of the WiN IAEA Chapter. 

Francoise has a Ph. D. in Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Experimental Physics from Switzerland. She spent more than next decade doing research at accelerator facilities around the world on so-called medium energy physics, a field between basic nuclear and particle physics. Based in Vancouver, Canada, then near Zurich, Switzerland, and in Urbana-Champaign, USA, her research was taking place in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Italy and Russia.

In 2005,
Francoise joined the IAEA as a Nuclear Physicist in the Nuclear Science and Applications Department, in charge of application of accelerators in all possible interesting fields. While at the IAEA, she continued to collaborate with her past colleagues. Together they reached a great milestone when they published “Measurement of the Proton Size” in Nature in 2010. This result originated from a proposal made in early 1970s and was obtained only after 40 years of research and analysis. In 2013, she joined the Safeguards Department at the IAEA and became a nuclear safeguards inspector, visiting countries around the world to support the implementation of the Non Proliferation Treaty signed by these countries.

Since early times in her career,
Francoise have worked at universities and research institutes to promote the number and position of women in nuclear field. In 2009, she was designated by the IAEA Director General as the alternate gender focal point at the IAEA. It is now her pleasure and duty to work with her colleagues in the WIN IAEA chapter, to promote women in this field.