Gabriele Voigt

Gabriele Voigt (Gabi), r.e.m. (radiation environment management), former Director, of the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services, IAEA, is a Vice-President of WiN IAEA Chapter.

She is in charge of the WiN mentoring programme and the WiN IAEA newsletter and active in other working groups. She is also the elected Board Member on behalf of WiN IAEA to WiN Global

Ms. Gabriele Voigt, born in 1952, is a biologist and holds a doctorate in genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry. She habilitated from the University of Munich in Ecological Chemistry and is lecturing Radioecology among others at the Atominstitut of the Technical University in Vienna. She is working as a radioecologist since more than 30 years in the field of radiation protection, nuclear sciences and environmental management and remediation, first in the Institute of Radiation Hygiene of the German Federal Health Office and later in the Institute of Radiation Protection in the GSF-Research Center for Environment and Health, both located in Neuherberg near Munich, Germany.

In May 2002 she has been appointed as director of the Agency’s Laboratories in Seibersdorf and Headquarters of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications. Here she was responsible for the programme on Environment (terrestrial) and was the focal point for environmental issues in the IAEA to liaise with other international or UN organizations. From January 2010 she was in charge of the Office of Analytical Services in the Department of Safeguards. Until her retirement end of 2014 she was responsible for the ECAS construction project on the enhancement of capabilities for analytical services for Safeguards at the Seibersdorf site.

Her main scientific interests are: radiochemistry and radiometry, radioactivity in different ecosystems, transfer of radionuclides via food chains to humans, countermeasures and remediation strategies, dose reconstruction, environmental decision support systems and the application of radioecological models for non-radioactive pollutants. She is since many years an editor of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity; in addition she serves as a referee to several international journals.

Gabi is heavily involved in activities concerning gender equality and women’s networking such as WiN and WISE (Women in International Security). Since her retirement she works as a consultant in radioecology and runs her own company r.e.m. (cognitive radioecology) and continues to serve as member of several scientific societies in her field of expertise. Ms. Voigt is married and has two boys.