Women without Borders

About Women without Borders
Founded in 2002 in Vienna, Austria, Women without Borders is an advocacy and research organization that works to strengthen the important role of women in the security arena. It builds women’s capabilities through education, collaboration and self-confidence: key tools for establishing a female power base in countries targeted by violent extremism.

In 2012 Women without Borders launched an innovative research study, exploring the perceptions of women living in communities immersed in violent extremism. Based on the findings, Women without Borders developed the Mothers School Model, the first family-centered counter-radicalization platform. This initiative empowers and equips mothers to safeguard their adolescent and young adult children from the threat of radicalization and recruitment.

Mothers Schools have been implemented in Tajikistan, Pakistan, India/Kashmir, Nigeria, Indonesia and Zanzibar, successfully strengthening family and community resilience. The model travels to Europe in 2015 starting in Belgium and Austria to address the ongoing recruitment of young foreign fighters to ISIS.

Bringing the Mothers School model to Europe is the next step toward the goal of creating a global Mothers School movement, spreading and adapting the model to all communities targeted by violent extremism, and establishing a united front of prepared family members.

For additional information, please visit their website: http://www.women-without-borders.org/